Reasons to Panic about the Hierarchy Problem

This is intended to be kind of a sequel to one of my previous posts, which attempted to convey the vibes surrounding renormalization: the systematic ignorance of physics at small scales. If you read the thing, you may recall that I justified renormalization with the argument that physics at different scales mostly don’t effect each other. Gallileo’s pendulum […]

A Little Patch of Spacetime

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz around the idea that the universe is a big simulation. The idea is pretty out there, right? What if I was to tell you that us humans have been creating universes on computers, taking into account the most fundamental of physics, detailed to some of the smallest length scales that […]

No seriously what is Entropy

 I always found the popular science description of entropy as ‘disorder’ as a bit unsatisfying. It has a level of subjectivity that the other physical quantities don’t.  Temperature, for example, is easy- we all experience low and high temperatures, so can readily accept that there’s a number which quantifies it. It’s a similar story for things […]

What’s the Matter with Antimatter?

Why are we here? Ok this is a uselessly vague question; I’ll rephrase. Under what mechanism did the stars, planets, life, and all that come about? Ask a particle physicist this, and they may be tempted to drag you to the nearest blackboard, write down four lines of maths, and stare at you expectantly as if […]